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FBI Reportedly Raids Home, Storage Unit Of Ex-Speaker Cliff Rosenberger

Andy Chow
House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger speaks to reporters after session in November 2017.

As another attempt among Republicans to pick a Speaker of the Ohio House has stalled, there’s been some action in the hometown of the former Speaker. And it’s likely connected to reports of an FBI inquiry into Cliff Rosenberger’s travel with lobbyists connected to the payday lending industry. 

The FBI has reportedly raided Rosenberger’s home in Clarksville and a nearby storage unit in Wilmington. That unit is said to have contained items from Rosenberger’s Columbus office. Rosenberger hasn’t spoken publicly since he resigned last month, when he said he felt his actions as Speaker have been ethical and lawful.

Acting Speaker Kirk Schuring was asked about the raids in a call updating reporters on the cancelled vote for Speaker: “I did not know about any of that.”

Schuring said the decision to cancel sessions came because of his concerns that Rep. Ryan Smith doesn’t have enough caucus support to be Speaker, and it came before news of the FBI raids broke. And he also said he’s unaware of any FBI activity in state Republican offices or with OHROC, the campaign organization for House Republicans.

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