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Gov. Kasich Says There's Some Good News In The Fight Against Opioids

Dublin, Ohio . September 20, 2018
Jo Ingles
Gov. Kasich and law enforcement officials

Gov. John Kasich says the state’s crackdown on prescription opioids is making headway in the fight against drug deaths but he says there’s more that needs to be done. 

Kasich says when new figures on opioid deaths in Ohio come out next week, there will be some good news. He says the state has hit an eight year low in the number of deaths due to prescription drugs.

“We are making gains. Everything is not dark and terrible," Kasich says.

Kasich credits new rules that limit the amounts of opioids doctors can prescribe. But he says the problem now is illegal street drugs that are often laced with deadly fentanyl. Kasich says it’s important that states and governments work together to stop the flow of drugs from one state or country to another, and he has been discussing that with law enforcement leaders.

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