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Governor Kasich Thinks There Will Be A Blue Wave But Is Skeptical Of Its Size

Jo Ingles
Gov. John Kasich

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich is skeptical about the extent of the blue wave some political pundits have projected this November. 

Kasich says he thinks Democrats will win enough votes nationally to flip 23 seats and take over the US House of Representatives. He points to a special congressional election in central Ohio as proof.

“I mean you look at the race here, the race in the 12thdistrict and it was so close and so it’s likely that’s going to happen but I don’t know if there’s likely to be this big wave," Kasich says.

But Kasich says he doubts Democrats will be able to overtake the U.S. Senate, where Republicans hold a two seat advantage. Kasich didn’t comment on statewide races, including the one to replace him.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Governor Kasich's spokesman, Chris Schrimpf, wants to clarify Kasich's comment was about the U.S. House turning blue, not the 12th district congressional race itself. Schrimpf says Kasich believes the Republican in that race will win in November. 

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