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Some Backers Of Controversial Abortion Bill Retaliate Against State Senator

Sen. Bill Beagle
Ohio Legislature
Sen. Bill Beagle

Backers of the six week abortion ban known as the “Heartbeat Bill” are upset after lawmakers’ attempt to override Gov. John Kasich’s veto failed. And some of them are retaliating against the Republican state senator who flipped his vote at the last minute.

Longtime “Heartbeat Bill” supporter Lori Viars is not happy with Sen. Bill Beagle. He voted for the bill earlier this month but didn’t vote to override the veto. Now Viars sees Beagle as a traitor and wants him fired from a new job with Ohio’s Republican Treasurer-Elect Robert Sprague.

“This is not acceptable and his betrayal should not be rewarded. Bill Beagle lied," Viars said.

Beagle’s Facebook page has been inundated with messages from angry constituents who are circulating a petition to get Beagle fired. Beagle has not responded to a request for an interview on the subject. 

Beagle was not the only Republican in the Ohio Senate who voted against overriding Kasich's veto of the bill. Republican Senators John Eklund, Gayle Manning, Matt Dolan and Stephanie Kunze also voted against the veto override but all four of them also voted against the bill itself earlier this month.

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