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Gov. DeWine Isn't In Favor Of Hiking Federal Gas Tax


When asked by reporters whether it's time for the federal government to hike taxes on gas, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine explains why he thinks that's not a good idea.

DeWine, who wants to increase Ohio's tax on gasoline, says increasing the federal gas tax isn't the answer to the state's problem.

“I’d rather for our drivers to pay money and let it stay right here in Ohio with no one taking anything off the top than for us to send it to Washington and let them skim some off and send it back to us.  We are a donor state. We contribute more in federal taxes than we get back in regard to the gasoline tax," DeWine says.

DeWine wants lawmakers to pass an 18 cent increase, saying less would make Ohio’s roads unsafe.  The House version of his transportation budget has an 11 cent increase. The Senate is now considering the transportation budget that must be signed by March 31. 

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