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Ohio Lawmakers Still Haven't Come To An Agreement Over Gas Taxes

Dan Konik, Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio lawmakers continue to work behind closed doors on hammering out an agreement over how much to increase Ohio’s gas tax. 


Gov. Mike DeWine wants an 18-cent increase on a gallon of gas. The Ohio House has approved an increase just under 11 cents. The Ohio Senate has proposed a six-cent increase. And Senate spokesman John Fortney says taxpayers have their own ideas.

“Certainly, a lot of calls, the majority of calls that have come into the Senate offices, have been overwhelmingly against a major increase in the gas tax," Fortney says.


DeWine, in a written statement, says he's come to an agreement with the House on a plan and he hopes the Senate will go along with it. And somehow, he and both the House AND Senate will need to agree on something in the coming hours because the transportation budget has to be approved and signed by Sunday.

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