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Speaker Says Lawmakers Need More Time To Debate Clean Energy Bill

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder
Jo Ingles
Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder

Lawmakers in the Ohio House continue to debate a bill that would bail out the state’s two financially struggling nuclear power plants. Earlier this week, some Democrats walked out of a committee hearing, saying their concerns were not being heard. 

Speaker Larry Householder says he talked to Democrats and the Republican committee chair overseeing the hearing. And Householder says they all came to an agreement that would allow the process to move forward. But he says it’s taking some time to come to agreement on the legislation.

“I think in a perfect world, we would probably be looking at some type of a vote next week but this is not a perfect world so we are going to do everything we can to discuss and make changes to the bill as they come along and see where we end up," Householder says.

Democrats on the committee say they need more assurances that the changes being made will not hurt air quality or do away with clean energy.  

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