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Yost Files Appeal To Delay Landmark Opioid Lawsuit

Andy Chow
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

State Attorney General Dave Yost is asking at district court of appeals to delay the opioid lawsuit in federal court until Ohio's case is resolved.

The appeal is the latest attempt by Yost for the state to gain control of the opioid settlement case, which he argues would allow for a more comprehensive outcome. 

"That we have fair, even settlement across the state rather than picking it apart. All the local governments lawsuits are basically just pieces of the state's lawsuit," says Yost.

A bill would allow for Yost to take over more than a hundred lawsuits as part of the lawsuit being heard by a federal judge in Cleveland. Meanwhile, there's a potential deal up in the airthat could allow every municipality in the country in on a settlement deal.

Several Ohio prosecutors and Gov. Mike DeWine have said this lawsuit should be left to the local governments.

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