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Flu Is Widespread In Ohio Right Now


The Christmas weather has been mostly mild this year but many Ohioans are still getting the chills. Public health leaders say the flu has hit the Buckeye State hard.

The Ohio Department of Health’s Melanie Amato says the flu season ramped up early this year. More than 400 Ohioans have been hospitalized so far. 

“We have moved into widespread, meaning there is flu in every corner of the state at this time," Amato says.

Amato says the flu will likely spread easier during the holidays when people gather together to celebrate. She says the most prevalent strains this year are Influenza B and the H1N1 virus. And she says both are in the current flu shot, which she says needs about two weeks to take effect.

If you want a flu shot, you can get one from your doctor, many pharmacies or through your local health department. To find your local health department, check here: . Make sure to double check your local health department for details.

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