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DeWine: 'We Save Our Economy, By Saving Lives'

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine
Gov. Mike DeWine

Gov. Mike DeWine says Ohio will remain committed to fighting the coronavirus while dealing with the economic consequences, saying protecting people and protecting the economy go hand in hand.

DeWine says he recognizes the economic blow Ohio is about to take because of the state's Stay At Home order.

However, he says the state can save lives by fighting the virus head on with social isolation and business closures, which he says would create short-term economic consequences compared to something much worse.

"The long-term economic meltdown, meltdown, from a deadly virus that is left unchecked," says DeWine.

His comments come in response to President Donald Trump and other conservative economic advisors suggesting that businesses should reopen soon, with the argument that an economic downturn is just as dangerous for the country.

DeWine said he believes he and President Trump are aligned in the goal of gaining control of coronavirus as fast as possible.

"The truth is that protecting people and protecting the economy are not mutually exclusive. One depends on the other," says DeWine. "The fact is that we save our economy, we save our economy, by first saving lives."

President Trump has also said he hopes to see businesses reopen by Easter. However, that forecast is weeks ahead of when most medical experts believe the virus will peak in Ohio. DeWine says they are roughly estimating the peak of the virus to happen in early May.

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