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Ohio Considering Statewide Protocols For Nurses, Doctors

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine
Dr. Amy Acton, Ohio Department of Health director

Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton says the state could be looking at issuing protocols for all hospital staff in order to help preserve personal protection equipment or PPE.

Ohio is trying to build up its supply of PPE, including masks that can now be cleaned for reuse. But if the person wearing the mask is also wearing makeup, the mask cannot be disinfected.

"We have to preserve the masks. Not wearing makeup. Being able to not have to throw it away is essential. But hospitals have been telling their workers that, as part of their routine preparing and conserving," says Acton.

Reports say facial hair can also reduce a masks' efficiency.

Acton says there's value in putting out statewide protocols for nurses and doctors on a variety of issues.

"One of the hardest things about giving guidance during this period is that it's been evolving so quickly and the CDC guidance comes out almost daily," says Acton. "But I think we're getting to a point of stabilization where we'll be able to give guidance and do it in a way as much as we think it gets to everyone."

Acton says the CDC's Health Alert Network has already been a helpful tool. She says she expects to give "a huge push of this information" next week.

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