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An Amendment To Ban Sales Or Displays Of Confederate Flags At County Fairs Fails....Again

Ohio Statehouse
Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Statehouse

An amendment to ban the sale and display of the Confederate flag at Ohio county fairs failed in committee earlier this week. But that didn’t prevent the sponsor of that amendment from trying again.

The Confederate flag was banned at the Ohio State Fair in 2015. As she had in committee, Democratic Representative Juanita Brent tried to amend a bill on the House floor to also ban that flag at county fairs, because it is offensive to black Ohioans and especially so right now.

“I’m not well, I’m not well because I’m sitting in a chamber with people who was to justify a group that was ok with slavery and that was the base of existence of the confederacy," Brent said.

Republican Niraj Antani was the lone Republican in support. But the majority argued it restricted free speech and they rejected it, as the committee had.

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