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Groups Opposing "Stand Your Ground" Gun Bill Fear It Might Pass During Upcoming Lame Duck Session

Dan Konik

A coalition of eight groups advocating for more gun control is starting an online petition campaign to stop efforts to pass the “Stand Your Ground” bill under consideration in the Ohio Legislature. 

Toby Hoover, founder of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, says she’s afraid Republican lawmakers will pick the contentious gun bill up during the lame duck session – the period of time between the November election and the end of the legislative year. 

“They do a lot of things during that month to six weeks and it seems like they do it with abandon like, “ok, let’s push all of these things through because then we will start a new year and everybody will forget about it, I guess," Hoover says.

Hoover expects at least 100,000 Ohioans will sign the online petitions which will be directed at Gov. Mike DeWine, asking him to veto the bill if it passes. Hoover says there is no way the state should approve the bill right now, especially given the effect it would have on minorities who are fighting for justice reform.  

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