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Gov. DeWine Won't Criticize President Trump By Name

2020 Presidential Debate in Cleveland
2020 Presidential Debate in Cleveland

President Trump’s refusal to denounce white supremacist and anti-semitic groups during Tuesday night’s debate continues to put politiclans who support him on the hot spot. But Gov. Mike DeWine isn't criticizing the president by name.

After the debate, DeWine tweeted from his personal account that Trump did a great job. Now he’s saying the hosting of the debate was good but...


“The debate itself was not our country’s finest hour or even our country’s finest 90 minutes," DeWine said.


DeWine said there was name calling on both sides. But he did not mention Trump by name or criticize him for failing to denounce white separatist hate groups. DeWine said he hopes the next debate will focus on issues the country will face in the future. 

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