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Lt. Gov. Husted Being Tested For COVID-19 After Cleveland Debate Out Of Precaution

Lt Gov Jon Husted
Jo Ingles
Lt Gov Jon Husted

Gov Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) did not attend Tuesday’s debate in Cleveland. But Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (R-Ohio) did. He's being monitored as a precaution.

Husted’s spokeswoman said he did not meet with or sit with President Donald Trump or any member of his family or staff. Carolyn Cypret says Husted was at least 50 feet away from the stage during the debate. She also says he was at least 50 feet away from the president's family and friends during the event.

Cypret says Husted wore a mask throughout the entire event. And though there is no reason to believe he came into contact with anyone who was positive with COVID-19, the lietenant governor will take a test today. She says those results will be released when they are available.

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