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COVID-19 Is Widespread And Hospitalizations For It Are Way Up

Gov. Mike DeWine
Jo Ingles
Gov. Mike DeWine

For the last two weeks, the state has set a record with hospitalizations for COVID-19. And every county in the state of Ohio is considered a “high incidence” county for coronavirus. Health authorities are bracing for the situation to worsen as we go into the holiday season.

Gov. Mike DeWine says the increases in Ohioans hospitalized with COVID-19, in intensive care units and on ventilators shows the virus is widespread throughout all parts of Ohio. 

“100% of the state is high-incidence. That means that there are enough cases throughout the last two weeks to get to high incidence, that the risk of catching this virus in every county is real and certainly very concerning," DeWine says.

DeWine says congregating continues to be the culprit for spreading this virus. He cites a situation where ten teachers are now quarantined in one county because they attended one of two Halloween parties where at least one of them had COVID-19.  

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