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What Happened To The Broadband Bill In The Ohio Legislature?

Rep. Rick Carfagna (R- Westerville area)
Rep. Rick Carfagna (R-Westerville area)

Ohio lawmakers failed to pass one bill that had broad bipartisan support during the Lame Duck session. 

The Ohio House overwhelmingly passed HB  13, a billthat would have provided grants to expand broadband to unserved areas of the state. Republican Representative Rick Carfagna (D-Westerville area) says it was getting hearings in the Senate and seemed to be poised for passage.

“It had overwhelming support from both chambers and from the governor’s office. I’m quite frankly dumbfounded," Carfagna says.

Yet the bill was not brought up for a vote and Carfagna says he doesn’t understand why since no one seemed to oppose it. He says he’ll bring it back and start all over again with the new legislature that will be seated in January.

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