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More Than 3M People Signed Up For Second Vaccine Lottery

Ohio Lottery
Random number generator used to draw winners of lottery.

The Ohio Lottery commission has drawn the next set of names in the "Vax-A-Million" sweepstakes and the state is preparing to unveil the second winner of the $1M jackpot along with the winner of the college scholarship sweepstakes. 

Over 467,000 more adults signed up to win the cash prize in the "Vax-A-Million" sweepstakes bringing the total pot of names to more than 3.2 million. Those who already signed up for the first drawing remain in the system for the rest of the lottery.

There are now 132,900 people ages 12 to 17 signed up for the college scholarship drawing, an increase of 28,000 people from the first week. 

State officials have said the lottery has been successful in encouraging more people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Since the lottery was announced the state's vaccination number has gone from 41% of the population to 45%.  

The names have been selected using a random number generator. Now the Ohio Department of Health is working to verify the winners are vaccinated. 

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