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DeWine Isn't Saying If He Intends To Sign Anti-Vaccine Bill Into Law

Columbus area teacher gets COVID shot, Feb. 3, 2021
Dan Konik
Columbus area teacher gets COVID shot, Feb 3, 2021

Now that Ohio lawmakers have passed a bill that prevents public schools and colleges from mandating students and employees get COVID vaccines, the attention turns to Gov. Mike DeWine. Will he sign it? 

DeWine wasn’t answering questions from reporters who attended a bill signing ceremony about whether he will sign the controversial legislation

“Yeah, this is a happy day today so we are not going to talk about unhappy things so you know," DeWine said as he was interrupted with boisterous laughter. He continued, " but we appreciate the great work of the legislature and the bill and the budget so you know.” 

While DeWine has strongly supported COVID shots, he’s said he wouldn’t mandate them. And he has said he doesn’t want to do anything to dissuade Ohio employers from running their organizations as they see fit. Under the new bill, hospitals affiliated with universities would still be allowed to require COVID vaccines. 

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