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Legislators go on break with legal pot issue looming in 2022

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Nathan Konik
Marijuana buds

House representatives have proposed two bills with a citizen's group petition circulating for an initiated statute.

The Ohio House is on break until after the new year, but there are several issues that lawmakers are expected to tackle when they return.

That includes potentially addressing two bills to legalize marijuana for personal use, with an issue that could go before voters next year.

A group pushing to legalize marijuana wants to put the issue on the ballot unless legislators take action beforehand.

Two bills have already been introduced to legalize pot for personal use, one from Republicans (HB498) and one from Democrats (HB382).

But House Speaker Bob Cupp (R-Lima) says it's too early to know if that issue will see movement.

"I'm pretty sure there'll be significant opposition to it. There may be some significant support in some corners as well, so we will just see," says Cupp.

Another hurdle would be Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) who has been a vocal opponent to legalizing pot.

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