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Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Halt, Food Stamp Reforms To Get Hearings In Statehouse

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio House and Senate leaders are forging ahead with their versions of the state budget while kicking off a few new initiatives in the coming week. That includes first hearings for several health and human services issues.  

Republican Sen. Bill Coley is introducing a bill that ends Medicaid expansion for any new enrollees, something conservatives are considering in the midst of looming federal cuts.

Also in the Statehouse are two proposed changes to the food stamp program. One would strengthen oversight and another would require each food stamp card have a picture of the recipient on the front.

The bill to repeal the state’s green energy mandates will hear more testimony and Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger thinks it could pass out of the House with a veto-proof majority.

“I think it’ll send a strong message and it’ll show that we’re pretty firm on this bill that we’re sending over to the Senate.”

Kasich vetoed a less-aggressive bill last year.

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