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Proposed Ohio Law Stops Coaches From Implementing One-Sport Rule

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Lawmakers want to crack down on schools and coaches that force students to participate in only one extra-curricular activity. They say the one-sport rule can hamper a teenager's ability to adapt.

Rep. Joe Miller (D-Amherst) says the bill, HB459, would stop coaches from requiring their players to only participate in their particular activity. Miller says allowing students to be multi-sport athletes can help them become more well-rounded.

"Maybe in one sport you're the captain but in another activity you take a role, you're a role player and there's a lot to be said about expanding your flexibility, adaptability about how to thrive in multiple venues," says Miller.

Studies have foundthat one-sport athletes are more susceptible to overuse injuries.

The bill also addresses other extra-curricular activities such as band and choir.

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