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Ohio Will Have A New Vaccine Lottery Targeted At Young Ohioans

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announces second shot lottery
The Ohio Channel
Gov. Mike DeWine announces a second shot lottery in a press conference on September 23, 2021.

Gov. Mike DeWine says this lottery will provide educational scholarships for Ohioans ages 12-25 years old.

DeWine says 46% of Ohioans 12-25 years old are unvaccinated.

graph showing vaccinations among young Ohioans
Ohio Dept of Health
Ohio Dept of Health
Graph showing vaccination rates among different age groups

So, the state will soon have a lottery that offers five $100,000 scholarships to any college or trade program to any vaccinated Ohioan in that age range. In addition, 50 $10,000 scholarships will be offered. Those in that age range who have already gotten shots will be eligible. He says the previous lottery that offered college scholarships as well as money helped boost vaccination rates and thinks this will too.

“Yea, it’s really worth it. This money is money well spent.”

DeWine says the vaccination lottery, like the Vax-a-Million earlier this year, will be operated by the Ohio Lottery. He says details about rules and how to enter it will be coming soon. He says he decided to go with only scholarships this time because the public liked that idea and it targets the age group that is at most risk of getting COVID now.

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