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Jo Ingles covers politics and Ohio government for the Ohio Public Radio and Television Statehouse News Bureau. She reports on issues of importance to Ohioans including education, legislation, politics, and life and death issues such as capital punishment.

After working for more than a decade at WOSU-AM, Jo was hired by the Bureau in 1999. Her work has been featured on national networks such as National Public Radio, Marketplace, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium and the BBC. She is often a guest on radio talk shows heard on Ohio's public radio stations. In addition, she's a regular guest on WOSU-TV's "Columbus on the Record" and WBNS-TV's "Face the State." Jo also writes for respected publications such as Columbus Monthly and Reuters News Service.

She has won many awards for her work across all of those platforms. She is currently the president of the Ohio Radio and TV Correspondents Association, a board member for the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association and a board member for the Ohio Associated Press Broadcasters. Jo also works as the Media Adviser for the Ohio Wesleyan University Transcript newspaper and OWU radio.

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Dan Konik

Earlier this week, the Ohio House bill that would prevent businesses and schools from requiring employees or students to get vaccinations stalled in committee. Now, the House has passed a similar measure by tacking an amendment onto a Senate approved bill.  

Ohio Dept of Public Safety

Ohioans who needed to renew their drivers’ licenses or vehicle registrations during the pandemic have been given a grace period for the past year. But it expires soon. 

Cincinnati, Ohio/USA- June 10, 2018: Traffic traveling south on Interstates 71 and 75 on the Brent Spence Bridge toward Covington, Kentucky.

Ohio’s Republican U.S. Senator is saying he’s optimistic about the $1.2 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill that he’s been working on with President Biden. 

toddler plays on splash pad
Christin Lola,

When you take your kids to a water park or splash pad, you might worry about them falling or drowning. But you probably don’t worry about them getting internal injuries.  But that can happen, and a new bill in the Ohio Legislature aims to stop that. 

Paul Matthew Photography,

Under current law, if a state-level political leader gets in trouble, they are likely to be prosecuted in Franklin County because that’s the home of state government. But a new bill that would allow lawmakers who commit wrongdoing to choose their prosecutors is picking up steam.  

fast food drive through in Columbus
Karen Kasler

Ohio’s unemployment rate is 5%, just slightly higher than it was before the double-digit spike from the pandemic last year. “Help Wanted” and "Now Hiring” signs are common sights, especially at restaurants and retail stores. And some businesses are actively advertising they’ll pay well above Ohio’s minimum wage of $8.80, along with signing bonuses. So why aren’t they finding workers? The answer may surprise you.

Dan Konik

The controversial bill (HB 248) in the Ohio House that would ban businesses and schools from requiring vaccines was thought to be ready for a possible vote in committee. Instead, it’s been put on hold while lawmakers make some changes.

Eric Gordon, CEO of Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Jo Ingles

Leaders of Ohio’s eight largest school districts are urging lawmakers working on reconciling the difference between House and Senate passed budgets to remember how the outcome will affect many students. 

Gov. Mike DeWine gets second COVID-19 vaccine
Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

A bill in the Ohio House would make it illegal for employers or schools to mandate vaccinations. Gov. Mike DeWine has some thoughts on the measure.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says distracted driving is a big problem and to prove it, the agency is tracking those cases on a new public dashboard. 

Rock slide on SR 7 in Washington County
Ohio Department of Transportation

Ohio is using millions in federal pandemic relief dollars to try to prevent rock slides on roads in some parts of Ohio. 

Delaware County tree with cicadas on it
Roger Ingles

If you live in wooded parts of Ohio, you are probably hearing the chorus produced by the cicadas these days. Many think the bugs that come out every 17 years are noisy pests. But for some, the cicadas are interesting and even on the dinner plate.

Sen. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood)
Jo Ingles

Democrats in Ohio continue to push for passage of a bill designed to provide equity for LGBTQ plus Ohioans when it comes to housing and employment. And the lawmakers who back the bill say June, which is PRIDE month, is a good time to draw attention to it. 

Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp
Jo Ingles

The Speaker of the Ohio House says recent false comments made during testimony by a doctor opposed to vaccines are out of the ordinary. But he's pushing back on questions about what to do when false statements are made in committee hearings, which are broadcast and archived by the state.

Ohio Dept of Health

There are only two weeks left for Vaxamillion - the state’s weekly drawings in which vaccinated Ohioans can win a million dollars or a full-ride college experience. But Gov. Mike DeWine is hinting there might be some new prizes coming in the future. 

Legal abortion advocates unfurl banner after 2019 abortion law is passed in Ohio House
Jo Ingles

In recent years, when big budget bills have passed, controversial changes in laws over abortion have been attached. And it's happening in this budget as well.

Gavel outside Ohio Supreme Court
Dan Konik

One of the biggest corruption cases in the nation is happening right here in Ohio. Federal prosecutors are going after the former speaker of the Ohio House and the former head of the Ohio Republican Party, along with others, for federal crimes. But if there are crimes that occured at the state level, those could be affected by an amendment that has been slipped into a bill at the Statehouse.

Former State Rep. John Patterson and others who crafted plan
Jo Ingles

The Ohio House and Senate are now considering different versions of their school funding plans as part of the upcoming state budget. Some of the members of a bipartisan group that created a school funding plan that was considered in the legislature last year want to refocus lawmakers on the proposal. 

Johnson & Johnson vaccine
OSU Medical Center

There are 200,000 doses of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ohio that will expire later this month. Gov. Mike DeWine has issued an urgent communication to vaccine providers to ask them to distribute as many doses as possible as quickly as possible.

A woman gets a vaccine at drive-through Franklin County clinic
Dan Konik

Doctors blame a range of misinformation and myths for the reasons why more Ohioans are not getting COVID vaccines right now. And health leaders say more people still need to get vaccinated in order to prevent pockets where the virus can be a bigger problem.

L-R Youngstown Mayor Jamal Tito Brown, Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther, Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn
Ohio Mayors Alliance

Mayors of some Ohio cities say past and future tax abatements might be affected by a bill under consideration that would allow employees to receive refunds on income taxes if they work from home in a different city. 

Aleksander Krsmanovic,

Republican Senate leaders say their budget makes proposed changes in child care that will make it more accessible to low-income Ohioans. But advocates for child cares say eliminating the state’s five-star rating system for daycares will hurt children. 

Dr. Patty Manning-Courtney, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Ohio Dept of Health

Ohio’s statewide pandemic health orders have expired. And while the mask mandate has also been lifted, doctors say there are people who should still be wearing masks. 

 Dayton Mayor and Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Whaley at mic, Back L-R – Rep Alison Russo (D-Upper Arlington), Rep Willis Blackshear Jr, (D-Dayton) and Rep Bride Rose Sweeney (D-Cleveland)
Jo Ingles

The election for governor is more than a year away but the Democrat who plans to challenge Mike DeWine is blasting him now for failing to rein in the nuclear power plant bailout scandal that has rocked the Statehouse since last July. 

Sen. Matt Huffman (R-Lima)
Jo Ingles

Republican leaders of the Ohio Senate have proposed a $75-billion-dollar, two-year budget includes a 5% across-the-board income tax cut – which is a boost from 2% cut in the House budget. 

Sen. Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware)
Jo Ingles

There is disagreement over whether the database that was created when vaccinated Ohioans entered the state’s Vax-A-Million lottery is a public record. Now, a bill is being introduced that would make sure it isn’t. 

Insurrection on Jan 6, 2021
Thomas Hengee,

Both of Ohio’s U.S. Senators voted for the establishment of a commission to investigate the Jan 6th insurrection. 

Seven Maps,

Earlier this week, at the urging of a Texas group that opposes abortion, the city council in Lebanon in southwest Ohio passed a law making it illegal to perform them there. But, there’s a part of that new law that leaves some considering a lawsuit. 

Ohio Department of Health

Those color-coded maps of COVID cases that Ohioans have been watching on the state’s coronavirus website to see how their counties fared as compared with others will be going away. 

White Mocca,

This story was updated at 3 p.m., Thursday, May 27, 2021

More than 2.7 million Ohioans have signed up for the state’s vaxamillion drawings. But there are questions as to whether information Ohioans gave to be eligible for that drawing could be subject to public records laws.