Bill Meant to Protect Whistleblowers

Aug 9, 2018

Some Democrats in the Ohio Legislature are sponsoring a bill that they say would provide more protections to whistleblowers. 

Democratic Representative Jack Cera is a co-sponsor of a new bill that would provide more protections to people who report wrongdoing involving taxpayer funds. 

“No one should be silenced for fear of losing their job, be demoted or intimidated.  And these reforms we are putting forth today will make sure that no one will have to second guess doing the right thing," Cera says.

The bill, which is also sponsored by Democratic Representative Kathleen Clyde, would simplify the reporting process for whistleblowers, would provide broader coverage of the types of reports that may be covered and provide more protection against retaliation. Sponsors say they want bipartisan support for the bill and are willing to make changes in order to win support from majority Republican lawmakers.