Charter School Attendance Requirement Could Be Delayed

Mar 4, 2016

Just months after state lawmakers passed a sweeping reform of Ohio’s charter school system, they could soon be considering a proposal that could weaken one of the measures. 

The House might consider a provision that would delay the requirement for online charter schools to report attendance, which was added into the bipartisan charter school reform measure approved last year.

The idea is to give e-schools more time to implement the changes.

But Chad Aldis with the Fordham Institute, a pro-charter school group, was a big advocate for the increased oversight and opposes the idea.

“That legislators will understand that this truly would be a step backward and if they did this it could actually put in jeopardy many of the reforms and the long term effectiveness of the reforms,” said Aldis.

Aldis noted that it will be a challenge for e-schools to develop a system to take attendance but believes it can be done.