Environmental Groups Say Columbus’ Issue 1 Is Part Of Larger Trend

Sep 29, 2020

A coalition of environmental advocates are uniting to support an issue that will appear on the ballot for Columbus voters. They say the clean energy initiative for the city of Columbus represents a larger trend across Ohio.

Issue 1 in Columbus would allow the city to aggregate electric services among ratepayers with the goal of investing in clean energy sources.

Heather Taylor-Miesle, with the Ohio Environmental Council’s Action Fund, joins more than a dozen other environmental groups supporting the measure.  

She says, with state lawmakers rolling back support of clean energy standards, more cities are taking action.

“All of them have been really leading the way because they realize you know this is great for the environment, but this is also good economics,” says Taylor-Miesle.

The state legislature passed HB6 last year, cutting renewable energy mandates and eliminating the efficiency standards. HB6 is now at the center of a federal bribery court case.