State Increases Wages For Developmental Disability Support Professionals

Aug 21, 2019

The state is increasing wages for direct support professionals who work one-on-one with people with developmental disabilities in hopes of creating more stability for families and providing a livable wage for workers.

Jan Dougherty says her son Ryan, who has a developmental disability, has been able to keep a steady job with the help of a direct support professional. These support professionals guide people with a developmentally disability through daily tasks and challenges.

However, Dougherty says many families experience a revolving door of direct support professionals because they end up leaving for a job that pays more. Dougherty says the same goes for Ryan who has had many professionals over the years, including one who just recently changed jobs.

"Because he was able to find a job with higher wages to support his own family. Though we understand this, it is very difficult, not just for our family but for thousands," says Dougherty.

The state-local share for direct support professional wages will go up more than two dollars to $13.23 an hour.

State lawmakers and Gov. Mike DeWine say the money is important to keep these providers on the job.