Jennifer Brunner

The view from the bench at the Ohio Supreme Court
Dan Konik

Way down at the bottom of the Ohio ballot are two important races – two seats on the Ohio Supreme Court. These are non-partisan races on the ballot, but there are differences between the Republican incumbents and their Democratic challengers.

Judge and Former Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner
The State of Ohio, Ohio Public Television

Some of the biggest races on the ballot next year could be for the Ohio Supreme Court. Two seats now held by Republican justices will be open. A prominent Democrat who has held statewide office says she wants one of them. 

The State of Ohio (Ohio Public Television)

Seventeen-year-olds who will be 18 by Election Day were allowed to vote for presidential candidates in the Ohio primary two weeks ago because of a lawsuit filed by Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted said he’d been following the same rules that his Democratic predecessor used. But that previous Secretary of State says differently.