Andy Chow

Ohio lawmakers are preparing to return to the Statehouse for what looks like a busy lame duck session. This is when legislators pass a slew of bills before the year ends. Gov. John Kasich is among the many state leaders preparing for what could be a big fight over hot button bills.

Andy Chow

Three years after making the controversial decision to lower water levels at an east central Ohio lake to repair a crumbling earthen dam, the project is finished. Gov. John Kasich put the project in motion after getting a report -- warning of “catastrophic failure.”

Karen Kasler

The Republican leader of the Ohio Senate says while he and many others didn’t support Issue 1, the criminal sentencing and drug treatment reform plan that failed Tuesday. But he suggests there is a will to make the issue a top priority in the newly elected Senate next year. 

Jo Ingles

This week’s election underscored some weaknesses for Ohio Democrats. The party’s candidates lost all of the statewide executive offices and gained seats but also lost some in the state House and Senate. This has left many wondering where Democrats in Ohio go from here. 

Andy Chow

Hot off his election night win, Ohio’s Governor-elect Mike DeWine made his first round of staff announcements. That includes the creation of a new position to carry out what DeWine says is among his top priorities.

Statehouse News Bureau

For the third time in four years, Ohio voters soundly rejected a constitutional amendment that cost supporters millions to put on the ballot.  There is concern on both sides over the cost and the results of the vote on Issue 1.

While Democrats saw big wins in other Midwest states, they were shut out of their statewide executive races in Ohio. Strategists say Ohio is one step closer to losing its swing state status.

Karen Kasler

Democrats gained some ground in the Statehouse in this midterm election, but not much. The results won’t shift power in either chamber.

Dan Konik

Ohio Republicans swept the statewide office races in yesterday’s election -- carried by a big victory from Mike DeWine who beat Democrat Rich Cordray for the governor’s office. While the Democrats did have some major wins, the Republicans said the night belonged to them. 

Ohio’s senior US Senator won a third term in what was virtually the only bright spot for the state’s Democrats in this midterm election. But the victory for Sherrod Brown over Congressman Jim Renacci was much narrower than many expected.