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Families Of 2019 Dayton Shooting Victims Sue Manufacturer Of Magazine Used By Shooter

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Jo Ingles
Attorneys for and families of Dayton shooting victims sue ammo maker

The lawsuit asks for damages and more safeguards

The families of people killed in a 2019 mass shooting in Dayton have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the ammunition used by the shooter.

The Brady organization, which lobbies to prevent gun violence, says many mass shootings have been possible because of high capacity magazines that let shooters fire so many rounds without reloading. Brady attorney Jonathan Lowy says the victims of the Dayton area shooting are suing KCI – the company that made the ammo used in that tragedy.

“This is unacceptable. There is a reason why so many places in American are being transformed into war zones and that’s because there are companies that are recklessly marketing tools of war to the public," Lowy says.

Lowy says the plaintiffs are seeking damages for the injuries and an injunction to prevent manufacturers from continuing to sell this ammo to the public. The company being sued was unavailable for comment.

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