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State Pushes Message To Mend Bond Between Law Enforcement, Communities

Change Starts Here campaign poster

Several groups are working together to improve the bond between law enforcement agencies and the communities they protect. That collaboration is now blitzing the media with their message. 

A piano plays somber and urgent music behind the blurred faces of a white police officer and a black man.

“We need to fight the stereotypes.”

The public service announcement is part of Ohio’s “Change Starts Here” campaign to help prevent hostility between police and the community.

Karhlton Moore, director of Ohio’s Office of Criminal Justice Services, says the PSA shows how people’s preconceived judgement can cloud reality.

“That is a real, live human being sitting right there who is part of a community, who has a family, who has all these other things going on and at the end of the day that person just wants to go home to their family,” said Moore.

The campaign is also pushing their message using posters and the hashtag, Change Starts Here.

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