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Pot, Heroin Ring Broken Up In Drug Trafficking Bust In Mahoning Valley

State and local law enforcement has busted an alleged drug trafficking ring in Youngstown. The operation is suspected of smuggling heroin and pot into Mahoning Valley from Michigan, California and Arizona.

Twenty people have been indicted and charged with counts linked to drug trafficking after a long investigation by local law enforcement and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.  Investigators with the Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement Task Force’s Drug Unit say the dealers were making up to $1,000 for every pound of marijuana, then turned that around to pay to bring in heroin. The alleged operation started with large shipments of drugs simply coming into Ohio through the mail, then the high-level traffickers would pass the supply down the chain, eventually ending up on the streets. More than a dozen of the suspects are already in custody and face a variety of charges linked to trafficking and corrupt activity.

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