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Kasich Gives Temporary Reprieve To Killer So Parole Board Can Consider Juror's Letter

Karen Kasler

Wednesday’s execution for Raymond Tibbetts of Cincinnati has been put off because of a letter from a juror asking Gov. John Kasich to spare the convicted killer’s life. The execution is delayed until the parole board can hold a hearing on the issues raised in that letter.

Ross Geiger told Kasich in the letter that after reading information from Raymond Tibbetts’ parole board hearing last year, he’s concerned that evidence of abuse and abandonment Tibbetts suffered as a child wasn’t presented to him and his fellow jurors in 1998. And Geiger said he most likely wouldn’t have recommended death knowing what he knows now.

Geiger said he’s overwhelmed by Kasich’s temporary reprieve, but stresses he wasn’t advocating for Tibbetts, who he says is guilty and deserves life in prison. “I’m very reluctant to receive any attention on this at all. I want the energy and focus to be examining the way we ask our citizens to make these decisions," Geiger said.

Tibbetts’ execution is now set for October 17.

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