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House Speaker At RNC Is Asked About ECOT And ODE Audit

The Speaker of the Ohio House is in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. And while presidential politics are in the spotlight, he hasn’t been able to escape questions about the online charter school ECOT, which is refusing to turn over records on attendance of some 15,000 students to the Ohio Department of Education.

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville), who gave the keynote at ECOT’s graduation last month, seemed caught off guard at first when asked about the audit.  But when asked specifically if ECOT should provide student log ins to the state to prove attendance, Rosenberger said he wants to look at what he called "the whole situation". "This is not just about ECOT. There are a lot of other schools that are involved with this attendance issue that we’ve been talking about that they need to kind of take a little bit of a step back and look at,” Rosenberger said.

ECOT takes in more than $100 million in state funds each year. Its lawsuit against the state claims ODE’s demand for student log ins goes against the contract the agency signed with the e-school in 2003.

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