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Kasich Makes Final Push Before Polls Open In Ohio

From running for state senator to Congress to governor, now-presidential hopeful John Kasich has been asking Ohioans for their vote for decades. But he's asking supporters to vote in the biggest one yet.

In his last push before the polls open, Kasich held a rally in his hometown of Westerville to appeal to his backers on a more personal level.

“I don’t care about polls. I don’t care about focus groups. I care about listening to you when I see you on the corner, the letters you write, the emails I get, see I hear you and all you want is somebody who’s gonna call it like he sees them,” Kasich said.

A couple of weeks ago former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney came out strongly against Donald Trump and his campaign tactics.

And with Trump and Kasich even in the latest poll, Romney slammed Trump by touring Ohio with Kasich just hours before the Ohio primary.

Romney focused on Kasich’s record of getting things done.

“We’ve got to turn out tomorrow and make sure we send a signal loud and clear that a man of integrity, a man with a clear track record, a man who has shown what he can do to get a state to turn around can do the same thing for the country,” said Romney.

Kasich came out strongly against Trump after several violent scuffles broke out before a rally in Chicago. He said the GOP front-runner has created a toxic environment. And during a rally in Westerville, Kasich says Trump’s actions are being seen around the world.

“I’m tired of hearing people say how terrible everything is in America. Things are -- we’ve got our challenges -- but America’s incredible, it’s great, the world depends on us and they hope us to be strong.”

Kasich looked ahead in the rally, saying he’s excited to come back to the swing state to beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election. But Kasich has said that if he doesn’t win Ohio he’ll drop out of the race.

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