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Delegates From Nearby Pennsylvania Say They Feel "Snubbed" By Kasich

Gov. John Kasich continued his plans of going to lots of places where Republicans are gathered in northeast Ohio this week – except for the Republican National Convention. But a planned visit to the Pennsylvania delegation Wednesday morning was cancelled.

Delegate David McEllwee of Bloomsburg in central Pennsylvania says he wanted to hear from Kasich, but when Kasich – in his words – blew off the delegation, that made him angry.

“He can’t be like a kid and take your ball and go home because you lose your ball game. You know, we have unity in the party. Look at the groundwell of support. The majority of the people have spoken. This will be a fabulous election.”


Kasich reportedly claimed a scheduling conflict in cancelling his speech before the delegates from Pennsylvania. Some say they felt snubbed, but delegate Marc Scaringi of Harrisburg says because Kasich has refused to endorse Donald Trump, he wasn’t interested in hearing from him anyway. “Your Gov. Kasich is playing the Hamlet on the Cuyahoga and it’s time for him to quit with this mental anguish and make up his mind and decide that Donald Trump is right for this country.”

Kasich has declined to endorse Trump because of concerns about his divisive comments on many issues. Another delegate says it’s time for Kasich to make up his mind and get behind the Republican nominee.

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