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GOP Pollster Points Out Key Change Voters Are Looking For From Trump

Andy Chow
Ohio Republican Delegation meets for breakfast during RNC in Cleveland

Frank Luntz, the As-Seen-On-TV pollster, brought some new energy to the Ohio Republican Delegation on the second day of the RNC in Cleveland.  And he did it by roasting Hillary Clinton and suggesting some interesting data.

Frank Luntz was definitely a change of pace. He mixed jokes at the expense of the Democrats in with polling statistics.

In a focus group with Independent voters in Cleveland, Luntz said they found Trump to be too harsh, Clinton to be dishonest, and they wanted a president that could unite the country. Luntz said he doesn’t know if Trump will try to appeal to that base on during his acceptance speech.

“And I’m looking forward to Thursday night because I want to see whether he will talk, whether he will communicate about what he believes or whether he will spend the time criticizing the other side.”

Luntz also stressed that his numbers show how important the debates will be between Clinton and Trump.

In Cleveland, Andy Chow with the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau. 

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