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Icy Week Between Trump, Kasich During RNC Puts Ohio Support In Question

Ben Postlethwait/Flickr

National conventions are usually a time for Republicans and Democrats to rally behind their party’s pick. But in Cleveland, many of Ohio’s Republican delegation are still pretty cold on the idea of Donald Trump as their nominee.

When speakers address Ohio Republicans this week, they talk about party unity, they talk about Hillary Clinton’s shortfalls - but what most haven’t done is even utter Donald Trump’s name.

The relationship between Trump and Gov. John Kasich has been icy. Kasich refuses to endorse Trump and in return Trump’s campaign has been bashing the governor in the press.

Former Kasich staffer and close adviser Jai Chabria says that won’t win over Ohio voters.

“We’re in the preeminent swing state you have to be able to speak to everywhere in the state we are a microcosm of the country, there’s no doubt about it, every political operative knows it except for the Trump people,” said Chabria.

All 66 delegates are pledged to vote for Kasich on the first ballot, but some say they will support Trump as the nominee.

In Cleveland, Andy Chow with the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau.

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