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Kasich Writing A Book About 2016 Presidential Bid

Andy Chow
Gov. John Kasich with members of his administration at the Ohio State Fair

Gov. John Kasich’s underdog presidential run put him on a national stage. Now it seems like there’s a building interest behind Kasich’s brand of politics, one that he plans to embrace by writing a new book. 

After making his mark with different events in Cleveland outside of the Republican National Convention, Gov. John Kasich went to New York to meet with publishers for a new book he wants to write.

The specifics on the book aren’t quite clear yet but Kasich says it will talk about his 2016 presidential campaign, the problems the country is facing and a look into the future.

“You know books tend to write themselves and they’re organic in nature I mean what you think you’re going to do today as you actually write the book is not necessarily what finally ends up on the pages so it’s a very interesting process, it’s enjoyable,” said Kasich.

The book could help increase Kasich’s name recognition as he considers a possible 2020 presidential run.

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