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First Poll Of Likely Ohio Voters Shows Clinton May Be Pulling Away From Trump

Andy Chow

The first Quinnipiac poll featuring people who are likely to vote is out – and it shows good news for one of the two major party presidential candidates. But there’s also important information for the leading minor party candidates too.

The Quinnipiac poll shows Hillary Clinton at 49% with Donald Trump at 45%. When asked about a four way race with minor party candidates, Clinton’s lead shrinks to within two points of Trump, who drops to 42%. Pollster Peter Brown said since this poll is of likely voters, it really can’t be compared to the last two polls of registered voters showing Trump and Clinton are tied in Ohio. “This is obviously the beginning of the final phase of the presidential campaign. And it’s very close, especially in Ohio,” Brown said.

Libertarian Gary Johnson has 8% in this poll, with the Green Party’s Jill Stein at 3%. Clinton also leads in Quinnipiac polls in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Florida.

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