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While Changing An Early Vote Is Possible In Other States, It's Not In Ohio

Karen Kasler
Early voters can cast ballots in person at boards of elections, including in Franklin County.

While Democrats have been pushing their voters to cast early ballots, the Republican nominee for president has been on the campaign trail urging people to consider changing their early votes. Donald Trump was in Wisconsin this week, saying voters who’d cast ballots for Hillary Clinton could switch their votes. But Ohio State University law professor Steven Huefner said, not under Ohio’s election laws. “It’s a more complicated election system if you choose to allow that kind of change. You have to make arrangements so that election workers can be confident that they’re not counting one voter’s vote multiple times.”

Voters can change their early vote in six states, including Michigan, New York and the swing state of Pennsylvania, where both Trump and Clinton will be the day before Election Day. And in Wisconsin, voters can change their absentee ballot up to three times. Ohioans have been voting early since October 12, the day after voter registration closed. In-person early voting was allowed last weekend and will go on this weekend.

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