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Democrats To Appeal Ruling Favoring Trump Campaign In Voter Intimidation Case To U.S. Supreme Court

Orhan Cam/

Democrats say they’ll appeal a decision announced yesterday in a case involving activities planned near polling places on Tuesday by Donald Trump’s campaign.

The decision overturns a Friday afternoon ruling from a federal judge in Cleveland, who issued a restraining order against the Trump campaign to stop conduct that Democrats feared could harass or intimidate voters on Election Day. Democrats have filed similar suits in other key swing states, saying action is needed to protect voters from an aggressive presence by Trump supporters at polling places that could intimidate them. The Trump campaign had appealed the Friday restraining order on First Amendment grounds. In overturning that order Sunday, a three judge panel from the appeals court said the Democrats’ case was unlikely to win on its merits, and that they would not hold a hearing. Ohio Democratic Party chair David Pepper says the party will appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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