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Elections Investigation Discovers Additional Illegal Voters In Ohio

Andy Chow
Secretary of State Jon Husted (R-Ohio)

While President Donald Trump claims that up to 5 million people illegally voted in last year’s election, Ohio’s top voting official has wrapped up his investigation on how many non-citizens have cast a ballot. 

The office of Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted has discovered that 385 people who aren’t US citizens were on Ohio’s voting rolls last year, and 82 of those people actually cast ballots. Ohio has a total of 7.8 million registered voters.

While President Donald Trump has alleged that millions of non-citizens voted illegally in the U.S., Husted countered by saying that’s not the case in Ohio. He says these latest numbers confirm that.

“Yes there are problems with non-citizen voting but it’s certainly not in Ohio a problem that runs into the thousands or tens of thousands.”

Husted says one way to improve the issue is to cross check the voter rolls with a database kept by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. However, the White House has yet to approve Husted’s request.

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