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Justice Appears Likely To Join Race For Democratic Nomination For Governor In 2018

Tiffany O'Neill Scullen

It’s likely Ohio’s only statewide elected Democrat will enter the race to become his party’s nominee for governor.

Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill says he’ll have a big announcement on October 29 in Chagrin Falls, where he lives. O’Neill won’t directly say he’s running, but says he can announce he’s a candidate and remain on the bench until he’d have to file paperwork early next year. O’Neill has criticized the Ohio Democratic Party before, and says while he likes the four Democrats already in the race, he says – quoting here – “we need to say something profound or we’ll lose again.” But O’Neill also says he’ll hold to a promise he made earlier this year – that if former Attorney General and current Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head Richard Cordray gets into the race, he’ll support him and back out.

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