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Kasich Fighting For His Clean Lake Erie Regulations

Andy Chow
Lake Erie

Gov. John Kasich is fighting for his clean Lake Erie initiative which includes tougher regulations on Ohio’s number one industry. As Kasich argues, his proposed rules on fertilizer is in everyone’s best interest. 

Gov. John Kasich is standing by his executive order to implement strict rules on how farmers use and store fertilizer and manure, despite criticism from agriculture groups and Republican lawmakers.

“We’re not kicking this over to the Legislature, they had their chance and they blinked like they’ve done on so many other issues including the gun laws so we’re going to move forward on this and I’ve explained to everybody that this is gonna get done one way or another because this lake has to be preserved," says Kasich.

These regulations are intended to help cut down on harmful algal bloom growth in Lake Erie.

Kasich believes the majority of farmers in Ohio want to cooperate with his proposals.

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