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Hearing On Legal Action By State Against Planned Parenthood Set For January

A hearing is set for January 5 in federal court on the temporary block put up to stop the state from taking legal action against Planned Parenthood.

Attorney General Mike DeWine had wanted a court order against Planned Parenthood after results of an investigation by his office showed its three Ohio abortion clinics wrongfully disposed of fetal remains in landfills. Planned Parenthood denied that claim and asked the judge to stop the state from legal action. Meanwhile, DeWine said he’s pleased Republican lawmakers have proposed a bill dealing with fetal remains.  “I’m sure they’re going to look at the bigger question of not just what Planned Parenthood is doing but what’s being done in hospitals as well,” DeWine said.

The bill ordering women to sign forms directing fetal remains to be buried or cremated will be a top priority next year.

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