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Kasich PAC's Anti-Trump Ad Missing Meaty Message

State of Ohio, Ohio Public Television
David Niven, University of Cincinnati Political Science Professor

Gov. John Kasich has taken many jabs at GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during recent weeks, but one of the web ads put out by Kasich’s super PAC seems to be missing a meaty message.

The web ad, from New Day for America, was introduced on December 12th and it has less than 100 views on Youtube. It’s a cheeky ad that mocks Donald Trump’s mail order steak business.

“I understand steaks. It’s my favorite food and these are the best.”

University of Cincinnati Political Scientist David Niven says this ad could be a "mis-steak" when it comes to targeting Trump.

“The way to knock Trump is not to point out that he’s bombastic and a showman. Everybody already knows that.”

Niven says the best way to discredit Trump is to provide credible negative facts that people don’t already know.

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