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Conservative Policy Group Throws Support Behind Unemployment Compensation Bill

The bill that makes changes in Ohio’s unemployment compensation system has another committee hearing this week and could soon get a vote. 

The bill is touted as a way to bring the state’s unemployment insurance fund to solvency but cuts benefits to jobless workers.

Renew Ohio, a new-to-the-scene, conservative-leaning policy group, is strongly backing the changes. Executive Director Mike McGuire says it overhauls a flawed system and helps the state avoid massive federal debt in the future.

“So I’d say to someone who is looking at this bill and saying ‘man, why should I support this bill if I’m unemployed’ is that we want to help you find a new job. We want to make sure the system is there to protect people while they look for a new job,” said McGuire.

Opponents say this bill delivers a big blow to unemployment benefits.

The state is still paying off a $770 million debt it owes the federal government after borrowing money for its unemployment fund during the recession.

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