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Kasich Sends Strong Message To Ohio Lawmakers Regarding Renewable Energy

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While Gov. John Kasich is making a big final campaign push in New Hampshire, he’s still managing to make waves for lawmakers in Ohio. 

Ohio’s renewable energy standards laid out how much renewable energy the utilities had to use and it increased year-by-year. Kasich told a New Hampshire town hall that the state froze those standards because the benchmarks were too costly and more out-of-state resources would be needed.

Lawmakers have until the end of the year to propose changes or the freeze will thaw. C-SPAN was at the town hall as Kasich told the crowd that he expects any proposed changes to be strong.

“We are going to have development of solar and wind and if the Legislature wants to gut it then I’m going to go back to the goal that we had which was ‘unpalatable’ cause I’m not playing around with this,” said Kasich.

Kasich added that developing battery technology to store wind and solar power will be a crucial next step.

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